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Winter is Coming: A Piece and a Poem

This is a Piece called Winter Gate. It is painted on a recycled cupboard door and is part of a series I am painting representing the four seasons. It is a two-sided piece.

Here is side two.

Winter is Coming…. Something that none of us can deny (also something I am told that is associated with a popular T.V. show called Game of Thrones. I haven’t watched it yet so this post is not about that for anyone who was directed here under the notion that you might read up on it)

For your reading enjoyment, a poem:

Winter Is Coming

Saw the first Snowflake

Tasted it on my Eye

Iciness nips and prods my soul

Winter will not be denied

Dead things have fallen

Rest in Peace apon the ground

Soon covered by Frost’s stronghand

Made without a sound

Darkness inhabits the North

Crystalline white will show our way

Sing songs to animals, tell stories to children

Cancel your march for another day

Fill your hearth with crackle and light

Lock windows for half the year

Haul out the wools, polish the leathers

Winter must now be here

–Shandai Kurylo

The art you see above seemed fitting for this time of year if you live in the northern hemisphere. It was painted not surprisingly during a particularly cold winter a few years ago. If you look closely you can see the scratches of a pocket knife that had been given me by the boyfriend of the time. It was his old pocket knife….and a rather tumultuous relationship as you might guess. If I remember correctly it was created in a storage room where a make shift art studio was prepared for me… and not heated at all save for a small space heater. I haven’t finished the series that this belongs to because I haven’t found the urge to scrap blade to wood for a while but there is one other piece called “Dance of Spring” that was created before this one. It can be seen in the post, “So Sex… a topic I haven’t covered yet and why being puritanical about it isn’t in our nature.” ( ) It was a piece where I started just hacking away at the wood with no intention but saw beauty in it later, two figures dancing. The  blossoming tree was added to the other side afterwards…. to make it the “Dance of Spring.” Strangely enough I don’t number sides the same as the order they were painted/scratched. I think people should see the pretty, the normal, and the calming first before they flip it over and see something they are then prepared for on the other side. Which they may find calming as well, or chaotic depending on their outlook.


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